Vailskibum94's current logo (the time im editing)

Vailskibum94 Channel Trailer

Vailskibum94 Channel Trailer

Vailskibum94's Channel Trailer

Vailskibum94 is a YouTube channel dedicated to the hit animated Disney television series, Gravity Falls.


During the channel's beginning, Vailskibum94 started making several gameplay series, such as: Minecraft Survival Games, Minecraft Mini Game, Herobrine Hunters, etc. His first Gravity Falls video was uploaded before the GF season finale. It talked about a complete analysis of said episode's promo. The video received many views, considering the fans being 'crazy' about the finale of Season 1. He continued making more videos after that, and eventually got thousands of views. As the channel grew and view counts rose, Vailskibum94 started taking suggestions from fans. By then, Vailskibum94 became the most subscribed Gravity Falls YouTuber, and as time went on, the quality of his videos started increasing. During this time, he began making some joke videos, marathons, and a series of videos where fans can interact and create fun things. First came the "Gravity Falls Biggest Secrets" marathon which occured twice in two months.


  • Before he started doing Minecraft and Gravity Falls, Vailskibum94 was called "Oscar One", referring to his nickname from Club Penguin.
  • The name Vailskibum94 comes from a city called Vail, Colorado. He enjoyed going there so much that he decided to use it as his nickname. The number 94 is completely random.